Leaving No Trace

It is wonderful seeing an increase in the appreciation of Mother Nature and all the wonder it has to offer. However with the increase of people putting the remote down and getting outdoors there is a continued problem with litter among other things that occur with increased visitors. It is funny in a way to use the word visitor, but that is all we are when we enjoy the great outdoors. Those rivers, mountains, and forests have been there long before we showed up and will remain long after each of us is gone. This means we need to make an extra effort to ensure it remains in good if not better shape when we leave. Not sure how you can help, check out the links below to get started. Our hometown of Columbia Tennessee will have an event September 30th with agencies and volunteers meeting to clean up trash and debris in and around the Duck River, follow the link below for more information.

Keep America Beautiful

Keep Tennessee Beautiful

Leave No Trace Tips

Duck River Cleanup